Trailer for Ashton Kutcher Led Biopic ‘Jobs’ Hits the Web


Well it’s finally here. We’ve been teased for a while now about the Steve Jobs biopic, Jobs, but today we get the first full-length trailer. The trailer shows Ashton Kutcher as Steve Jobs building Apple from the ground up, and the troubles that came with developing the now legendary company.

Jobs tells the story of Steve Jobs’ entire life, and the generally cheesy trailer follows as such by showing you basically the entire film. Ashton Kutcher seems to have more of a handle on the character than everyone previously predicted, but here in the UTG office we can’t help but wonder how he’s going to pull this movie off. Jobs is such an icon, and Kutcher hasn’t been in a solid movie since 2006’s The Guardian (yeah, I like that movie). We want to be optimistic, but after the generally negative reviews at Sundance and then having its release date pushed back from April 19 to August 16 for more editing work, we find it hard to get excited about Jobs.

You can watch the trailer after the break, but let us know if you think Kutcher is going to be good in this role, and if you’re excited for this film. 

Tyler Osborne

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