Drake Releases “Jodeci” Freestyle Featuring J. Cole


Only a few Drake posts left to go before some other artists can have a spot in our news feed. This may be the best of the bunch, but you’ll have to listen to them all to know for sure.

Keeping his name and the new OVO website fresh in everyone’s minds last night, Drake followed his first two free releases by posting a never-before-heard freestyle featuring the one and only J. Cole. The track is named after the famous musical group from the 90s, but very little of the actual verses have to do with their efforts. Instead, both emcees go in about their dominance over hip hop and how they still have goals they’ve yet to reach. It’s part inspiring, part boastful, and all sorts of chill. Click below to enjoy “Jodeci.”

Drake’s new album won’t be out until September, but J. Cole released a great record titled Born Sinner earlier this week. If you have the time, check it out!

James Shotwell

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  • Sheila Ealey

    If demeaning individuals with autism and other disabilities makes either one of you feel better about yourselves, then all I can say is shame on you! You’ve displayed without exception, your sheer ignorance and bigotry. I can only hope that even amongst the fans that love hip hop, they will take the high road and help this lack of artistry flop. You two are without originality and are far from artists. What you have come across as are losers in every sense of the word!