Bring Me The Horizon Apparently Getting Sued By Concert Goer’s Parents


According to some tweets by Oli Sykes, Bring Me The Horizon are being sued by a 12 year old girl’s parents because she was injured in a mosh pit during the band’s performance. While there aren’t any official stories we’ve been able to find so far, there’s been a lot of buzz by fans everywhere about the incident. You can also read Oli’s tweets by checking below the jump.

This should go without saying, but please stay safe when you are out at a metal show and are around the mosh pit. People get injured if they are not careful, and I personally have been smashed in the face and fallen down a number of times over the years. It’s part of the experience, and it’s unfortunate that someone was injured who, from the sounds of it, probably shouldn’t have been in the pit in the first place. We are reaching out to sources to find out what all of the details are, and hope to follow up with updates soon.

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