UPDATE: Bring Me The Horizon Not Getting Sued, Moshing Not Banned At Warped Either


A couple of days ago we reported on some tweets by Oli Sykes, lead vocalist of Bring Me The Horizon, stating that the band was supposedly being sued by a 12 year old concert goer’s parents. Based on those tweets and wide spread outrage by fans we, and many others, believed that to be true. Additionally, there were rumors of moshing getting banned at Warped Tour all together. Oli has cleared up the legal stuff by tweeting the band is not getting sued, which you can read below the jump.

What about the moshing though? Keven Lyman confirmed via Twitter that moshing will not be banned at Warped, but he has asked bands to stop encouraging fans to mosh in order to avoid any liability. You can read a couple of his tweets by taking a look below the jump.

Well I think it’s safe to say we are all relieved to hear that moshing isn’t banned from Warped Tour. It’s also a relief to know that no one is getting sued either. Just remember, MOSH AT YOUR OWN RISK.

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