Serianna Release Details For New Album ‘Define Me’


Serianna announced that they will be putting out Define Me on August 13 via Bullet Tooth Records. Please view the track-listing and cover artwork for Define Me through the jump!

Guitarist/songwriter Kris Meyer-Ruef stated, “The Inheritors record was almost 3 years in the making by the time we had the pleasure of releasing it on Bullet Tooth. It seems only natural that at least 4 years since the birth of that record, Serianna is due for serious growth. Over the past year, we have gone through a major line up change and thought hard about the future of our band. It was pretty apparent to any fan of our band before that we were heavily rooted in metal core, influenced by the bands that could riff the tightest and fastest. We operated like a well oiled machine, tight and uniform. But that was just the problem: we operated like a machine. This new record has given us all the opportunity to pour our hearts into our music in a way that we felt was impossible before. Every one of us has a voice, and you will hear that through every song on this record. We went heavier, groovier, darker and more honest. I know deep down that kids are still looking for something real to fall in love with. We genuinely believe these songs are just that.”

Define Me track-listing:
01. Like Glass
02. Shadowcast
03. Analog
04. Full Circle
05. Drifter
06. Snake Oil Salesman
07. The Fallout
08. Pariah
09. Outlander
10. Burial Ground
11. Exist to Outlive
12. Define Yourself
13. Remove / Rebuild

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