Waka Flocka Flame to Produce Amanda Bynes Rap Album

waka flocka flame 2012

What’s the best way to capture the spiraling descent of a teenage starlet? Produce her rap album. Duh.

27-year-old rapper Waka Flocka Flame is working out a record deal with Amanda Bynes says the New York Daily News and TMZ. Apparently he already has people set up to start writing lyrics for the ex-movie star. “The deal hasn’t been signed yet but it’s basically in the bag,” Flocka told TMZ. He also said he has been in contact with her everyday through FaceTime and text to talk about the album (which supposedly will be called Shots) as well as “keeping her head up from the haters.”

Bynes has been going through a month long meltdown, the trigger of which seems to be her arrest in May for reckless endangerment. It’s a bit frightening, but we’ll see if her switch into the music industry catapults her farther or serves as a rescue.

The album doesn’t have a release date set, but Flocka is confident it will all work out well. “She has it all together to me,” he said. “She is cool as hell and ready for the rap world. I think she is going to kill the game.”

We’re taking bets on whether or not she kills it in a good way.

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