65daysofstatic Robbed of Gear


65daysofstatic told fans today that their guitars, two laptops and a few other items were stolen last night out of their HQ in Sheffield, England.

65daysofstatic have a variety of shows set up within the UK and Europe for later this summer and fall. They have announced that they will also be releasing a new album in September (which may or may not be the date now that their instruments are missing).

The itemized list so far of everything that has been taken includes:

  • Fender Lightash Telecaster (black) – serial no. 7120327.
  • Fender Lightash Telecaster (black) – serial no. 4122931.
  • Fender Squire Custom Telecaster (black).
  • Ibanez Prestige (black) – serial no. 651301 (U.V pen).
  • Ibanez Roadcore (black) – serial no. 651302 (U.V pen).
  • Fender Precision Bass (Mexican) (black, one of the intonation screws is black) – serial no. MZ9455765
  • Signature Limited Edition J-Bass (black, warped scratch plate) – serial no. 651201 (U.V pen)
  • 2 x Apple Macbook Pros. serial numbers: W80091EV7XK & W800611H7XK.

A more detailed list can be seen on their website here. If anyone has any information leading to the whereabouts of their gear, you can contact the band at mail@65daysofstatic.com.

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