MUSIC VIDEO: Tera Melos – “Weird Circles”


Sargent House math rockers Tera Melos have put out a music video for “Weird Circles” off of their excellent new album, X’ed OutIf you’re into nonpareil shots featuring paper bag masks, foot massages, rats, neon cereal, flaming paint, and sliced up humans, get ready for the best video of your life. For the rest of us, Animal from The Muppets sings a good chunk of the lyrics to the camera, so we’re in for a great video regardless. It’s quite a ride.

Some people prefer Guitar Hero instruments and brightly colored wigs. That’s why the Japanese-like music video for “Bite” exists. It’s equally as entertaining, significantly more hilarious, and obviously worth watching here.

Watch the “Weird Circles” music video below and give thanks to the greatness that is its director, Behn Fannin. And if you still haven’t bought the album, get on that now.

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