Stick To Your Guns Have Had Enough Of Your Shit, Trolls


Orange County’s renowned hardcore outfit, Stick To Your Guns, have taken to their Facebook today to put a big foot down on bullying via their page. Posting a somewhat lengthy but very well said statement, which you can read below, about people attacking others on their page, STYG have made it clear that they will no longer tolerate the nonsense. Hopefully the band will live up to their name with this no-bullshit policy.

As opposed to fighting “Fire With Fire,” we should strive for “Compassion Without Compromise” because we as people are at an “All Time Low” when it comes to disrespecting one another and it could eventually lead to “Our Demise.” Seriously, this is “Such An Outrage.”

“Enough Is Enough” and we should all try to be the “Driving Force” behind a more loving movement. I have “Some Kind Of Hope” that we can accomplish this if we try. Just focus on “The Bond” to help deter from causing “Such Pain.”

This seems to be a problem unique to Facebook that we can no longer ignore. We have thick skins. You don’t like a song? OK. You don’t like a photo? OK. But attacking fans on our page is unacceptable. Let’s be clear: Your speech is not protected here when it is used to harm others. This is not a safe place to bully kids.

If you attack our fans, your comment will be deleted. It is not entertaining. It is not intellectual or funny, and in the end, you’re only embarrassing yourselves.

That being said, we do not expect everyone to agree. We don’t even ask for positivity. Sometimes you can’t be positive. We encourage a healthy debate, but attacks on others regarding weight, clothes, tattoos or looks are low and boring and will be deleted. We realize you are weak, afraid, small-minded and bored, but you have the potential to do some serious damage to your fellow human beings, and we’re not ok with that. We’d like to remind you that you are young now, but when you grow up and wish you could take it all back, there will be a permanent record of it – as the internet is more permanent than you think.

With the digital age, there is more engagement than ever, but with that comes responsibility. It is that much easier to reach out into someone’s home and hurt them, and we simply will not be the conduit to which you conduct you hatred.

Thank you to all the STYG fans who see the absurdity in the comments – you far out number the few. While we will delete these comments, we hope that this reminds you that you can’t turn a blind eye to ignorance but that there is an intelligent way to handle it. We’re all in this together.

Brian Leak

Editor-In-Chief. King of forgetting drinks in the freezer. Pop culture pack rat. X-Phile. LOST apologist.
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