What Happened In Vegas Caught Scamming Warped Tour Passes

Vans Warped Tour 2013

UPDATE #1: WHIV have commented on the situation.

Crime doesn’t pay, kids.

UTG has received information from several sources claiming Michigan band What Happened In Vegas were busted attempting to scam the Vans Warped Tour while working the front gate crowd this morning in Camden, New Jersey. According to multiple people on the tour, members of the band were caught with fake laminate tour passes, complete with fake bar codes. It is unclear at this time how the crime was discovered or what actions the tour took to handle the situation, but it is safe to assume the band will not be welcomed on festival grounds anytime soon.

Kevin Lyman hinted at the situation on Twitter, posting “Scammers and thieving don’t payoff @VansWarpedTour @whathappenedinvegas just made it tough on all lot bands 4 being little dirtbags.”

This should be considered one of the golden rules of concerts, but you should never buy passes or “licensed” merchandise from outdoor vendors.

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  • John

    I know the band personally, and have booked shows with them in the past. That being said, this doesn’t come at all as a shocker.

  • The Hulk

    I find it funny that they get stuck opening for, talk shit, get showed up, and they get on warped tour, after all the bs and and then pull this shit. you guys had a gold opportunity. A chance to remake your image and yet you still pull this shit.

  • utgjames

    Bad band making hardworking Michigan bands look shitty.