Kanye West’s Clothing Line Is Plain Expensive


We know pirating music hurts the industry, but charging over $100 for a t-shirt, a plain one at that, to make a profit? That’s a little extreme. Kanye West thinks it’s okay though.

The cover for Yeezus was nonexistent, so why not follow suit when it comes to clothing? This weekend Kanye released his new fashion line with French label A.P.C. While this could’ve been impressive, it’s not.

If you’re in the market for a plain tee and think Hanes isn’t enough, then by all means shell out the $120 for a plain white one that’s dubbed “Hip Hop T-Shirt.” Maybe baby North West could use the money to change her name when she realizes her parents made a mistake.

And if you need something to go with your “Hip Hop” tee, make sure to purchase regular blue jeans for $265. Oh wait, they come in a variety; dark blue and faded blue. That’s not all, short-sleeved hoodies for $250 and long-sleeved for $280. Kanye West, he sure knows fashion, doesn’t he?

No one should ever spend their entire paycheck on a few items of clothing, but if you feel inclined to, check out the line here.

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  • Sameer Dewan Esmail

    Hey no offense to you directly but it would’ve been half assed intelligent to look up the price of APC clothing to begin with before having a low income blogger hissy fit. The clothing line itself capitalizes on minimalism and focuses on the cut of clothing rather than designs. Second, Kanye isn’t to be held responsible completely for deciding the price. If by any chance you were a slightly educated writer you would look up other products from the brand APC to realize they are all priced in the similar range Kanye’s capsule collection is. Now, for you to rant about over priced clothing, great you have the right to. But at least do your research. Thanks.

  • Brian Lion

    How is this not offensive to her directly? Your insults are clearly targeting her. If you’re going to be rude to someone over something so insignificant, why even scale it back?

  • Chris Dalton

    It sure sounds like APC signs his paychecks.

  • Dan Bogosian

    I quite enjoyed this comment.