Portishead Member Upset Of The Weeknd’s Sampling Of “Machine Gun”


Just hours after the debut of The Weeknd‘s new single “Belong To The World,” a member of the band sampled on the track has made their anger of the song’s release known to the public.

Taking to Twitter in the middler of the night, Portishead Guitarist Geoff Barrow wrote, “When someone asks to sample you and you refuse they should have the respect as a fellow artist to not use it.”

A sample of “Machine Gun,” which originally appeared on the Portishead album Third, serves as the backbone to the beat that accompanies The Weeknd on “Belong To The Night.” The single is supposedly intended to end up on Kiss Land, the sophomore album from The Weeknd rumored to be scheduled for an August 27 release, but if the claims of Barrow are accurate that may soon change.

Sampling without authorization is nothing new in the world of music. Kanye West was sued over a sample found in his hit “Gold Digger” back in April, and hip hop legends the Beastie Boys were in court back in November attempting to have a similar case dismissed over a samples found on Ill Communication and Paul’s Boutique.

The Weeknd has yet to respond to the comments from Barrow, but we do expect this story to develop further in the days ahead. Follow UTG on Twitter for the latest developments.

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