Beyonce Performs “Bow Down” In Houston, Teases New Music Video

beyonce bow down i been on

Here’s an early morning double shot of Beyonce news that may or may not be related to one another.

Last night, Beyonce took her Mrs. Carter Show world tour to Houston, and during the night’s performance unveiled her March 2013 single “Bow Down” for the first time in a live setting. The stage went dark, images of a young Bey with “Bow Down” over them appeared on giant screen, then it all fell dark once more before lighting up to reveal Beyonce and a crew of dancers (all jumping around in stilettos, of course) ready to take the crowd by storm. People lost their minds, as did we when we heard we missed it, but luckily for all of us one fan in attendance captured the magic on video. You can view footage of “Bow Down” in Houston at the end of this post.

In a potentially related twist, a new video was added to the opening of Beyonce’s official website last night that appears to tease an as-of-yet unreleased music video. Fans on YouTube and beyond are claiming it’s a teaser for the long awaited “Bow Down / I Been On” video, but that cannot be confirmed at this time as the official clip has no sound. You can view the video on Bey’s website, through this direct link, or below the performance clip at the end of this post (thanks to a rip from someone on YouTube). Whatever it is, you can rest assured we’ll update you as soon as more information becomes available.

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