HOLY SH!T: A ‘Calvin & Hobbes’ Documentary Is Due Out In November


With Comic-Con launching in San Diego this week, there could probably be no better time for news to break that Calvin & Hobbes documentary is headed to theater and VOD this November. Even better, we have the trailer.

Dear Mr. Watterson is a fan-funded film that is literally years in the making. Creator Joel Schroeder posted a teaser trailer for it three years ago, but it wasn’t until some help by the way of Kickstarter that the film was finally able to be completed. As you can probably imagine, the feature tells the story of Bill Watterson’s monumental creation and its influence — specifically by featuring conversations with the likes of Berkeley Breathed (“Bloom County”), Bill Amend (“Foxtrot”), Seth Green, and several other notable faces. You can view the full trailer below.

Sitting at my desk this morning, I probably spent ten minutes trying to think of ways to write about Calvin & Hobbes that would read as anything other than the rants of an excited fanboy, but I realized that might not be possible. Other than announcing plans to make a Calvin & Hobbes feature with Watterson at the helm, which will never (ever, ever) happen, this is the closest fans of this beloved strip may ever come to seeing their two-dimensional heroes on the silver screen.

Variety reports Dear Mr. Watterson will be released on November 15 through VOD and a limited theatrical run. We will bring you more information on screenings in the months ahead.

Dear Mr. Watterson Teaser Trailer from Dear Mr. Watterson on Vimeo.

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    I would write the longest, nerdiest rant if they ever tried to CGI C&H. It would be bad.