MUSIC VIDEO: Earl Sweatshirt – “Hive”

Doris Earl Sweatshirt

To say that Earl Sweatshirt‘s upcoming album, Doris, is anticipated would be a vast understatement. Being his true début record after several years of hype, and OFWGKTA shenanigans, makes this a big and defining moment for the young rapper’s career. All signs thus far, including his new single “Hive,” indicate a solid release next month.

Arriving August 20 (after several pushes back), Doris will feature released singles “Chum”“Guild”, and “Whoa” as well as today’s big drop. The full track list can be found here while the new joint, “Hive,” can be seen below. It features OF affiliates Casey Veggies and Vince Staples who continue their consistency as Earl impresses even further.

Jacob Tender

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