Mabson Enterprises Releases 37-Track Compilation of “We Can’t Stop” Covers and Remixes

We Can't Stop

Mabson Enterprises have compiled 37 artists via social media that are twerking hard or hardly twerking with a vast array of unique covers and remixes of Miley Cyrus’ smash summer jam, “We Can’t Stop.”

Featuring a sweet, 90s inspired cover image and artists like Dan Deacon and Capital Cities with many reworked song titles such as “We Can’t Stop (But Perhaps We Should Have A Long Long Time Ago),” “Miley Can’t Stop Sniffing Coke With Evanescence Backstage,” and “The Queen of Twerking gets an Achy Breaky Heart,” this massive mixtape has a little (or lot) to offer for everyone in search of some new ways to enjoy Miley’s material…or Miley being made into more of a mockery. Not all of the offerings are facetious in nature though.

Dan Deacon’s contribution in particular is simple in the sense that he did nothing more than reduce the track by 50%. “I remixed this track by removing audio. Nothing was added, only taken away.” Hardly twerking, Dan.

You can stream all 37 tracks via Bandcamp and download it for free or offer some money with the “name your price” option if you’re looking to blow some clams on something different. Blow some clams, man!

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