The Amity Affliction’s Vocalist Is Ill, Missing Multiple Warped Dates

The Amity Affliction

According to the band’s official Facebook page, Joel, the lead vocalist of The Amity Affliction, has fallen ill and will be unable to perform at the next few upcoming Warped Tour dates. In his absence, Sam of Architects and Chris of Like Moths To Flames will be singing his parts. Take a look below for the statement from the band.

Hi all,
Apologies for having to pull out of our show in Pittsburgh, Joel was pretty unwell! He still won’t be right to go by tomorrow but thanks to our bros, Sam from ARCHITECTS and Chris from Like Moths to Flames, we will be good to go for Cleveland. It will be a bit like Amity Karaoke so you’ll have to scream along with them! We hope to have Joel back for Detroit! Once again sorry to everyone who missed seeing us today. Promise we will come back to Pittsburgh soon!

We hope that Joel recovers fully and is back on his feet soon! We will let you know if there are any updates on his condition and/or when he is expected to be able to perform again.

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  • Oh man I’d love to see Sam doing vocals for these guys. Maybe someone will post some on youtube.