Defiler Cover Lana Del Rey’s “National Anthem”


It’s Saturday, so let’s kick things off with something a bit…different.

Heavy bands adding a twist on pop songs is nothing new, but Defiler may be the first to dare take on Ms. Lana Del Rey.

Hitting the net on July 18, Defiler recently released a cover of Lana Del Rey’s infectious hit, “National Anthem.” The song, which appeared on Del Rey’s 2012 debut album, has gone from shimmering pop song to a near-ballad hardcore jam that finds Defiler pushing their sound into new territory. It’s probably the most accessible song in the band’s catalog, even if doesn’t necessarily represent their overall sound, and should certainly spawn plenty of internet chatter in the days ahead. You can stream the cover below.

I’m a pretty big supporter of Defiler (and a well documented Lana fanatic), but as much as I appreciate the effort put into this cover it feels relatively forgettable. It’d be nice to think it may find its way onto a playlist in the weeks ahead, but as soon as the next catchy breakdown comes along this will probably be left to collect internet dust.

Defiler’s Razor & Tie debut, Nematocera, is available now wherever heavy music is sold. Comment below and let us know your thoughts on this cover.

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