Joss Whedon Confirms Avengers Sequel Title, Reveals Teaser To Comic-Con Audience


Comic-Con is the place to be right now if you’re into geek culture, but for those of us unable to get tickets to the annual San Diego convention there’s always social media. With that, we’d like to thank the hundreds of people tweeting from Hall H right now for this tip.

Marvel is currently hosting their annual panel, which as you can probably imagine has proven to be larger than anyone anticipated. In addition to having already shown footage from Captain America: Winter Soldier and Guardians Of The Galaxy (which only started filming two weeks ago), Joss Whedon blessed the crowd with a short video teaser that revealed the title to Marvel’s biggest sequel to date.

Hitting theaters Summer 2015, the second Avengers film will be titled Avengers: Age Of Ultron. You can read a description of the video written by Quint from AICN below:

After Guardians of the Galaxy’s panel (which was great, report coming up soon, I promise) Kevin Feige stands up to leave and just as he gets to the end of the stage, he doubles back and introduces Joss Whedon. Crowd goes nuts, Joss waves and says “I don’t have anything to say, but I have one thing to add.” The lights go down and we hear the Avengers theme.

Iron Man’s helmet appears, audience cheers. Sound clips from all the Marvel movies start playing. “I am Iron Man,” “I’m always angry,”etc. I don’t remember all of them, but they build to the end of the Avengers where Sam Jackson says they’ll be back when they are needed.

All the while the camera sweeps in close to the Iron Man helmet. It’s getting crunched, dented, misshapen. Sparks fly, crunching noises are heard. When we get that final Avengers quote the camera pulls back and the Iron Man helmet has been reforged as Ultron’s helmet, an angry red light glowing out of his mouth and eye holes. Cue my eardrums being punctured by screaming fangirls (and boys, I’l be fair).

Marvel is expected to release a press release within the next day confirming the title, production plans, and probably a few (obvious) casting bits. Let the mania begin.

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