D.V.S* Remixes The Beatles’ “Because”


Remixes can be tricky, and Beatles remixes are even moreso. Guitarist D.V.S* dove headfirst when remixing the eerie Beatles classic “Because,” spreading what feels like sunlight and psychedelia all over it.

Hear the quartet’s live instrumentation meet today’s typical womping bass merge in the his remix of the 1969 song off Abbey Road. The song still holds on to some of its dark roots, but D.V.S*’s  remix puts it under a totally different light. Here’s what he had to say about the track:

If you just add some 808’s, claps, and lasers, you’ll (hopefully) be burned at the stake. You really have to go for it, and attempt to make the song fresh again, knowing that the original is unbeatable in the first place.

As a guitarist, “Because” has always been a bullseye track for me. The chord progression is like dark chocolate, and the vocals are like a fine red wine, making it perfect inspiration for a melodic dubstep remix.


Check out his remix below. If you’re craving more Beatles music after hearing it, then watch Paul McCartney and members of Nirvana play some of their songs at Friday night’s show in Seattle here. It’s pretty awesome, but that goes without saying, huh?

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