Tallhart Robbed Of Everything In Chicago


Equal Vision Records outfit Tallhart were robbed of clothes, shoes, electronics, and a ton of gear and equipment in Chicago last night. Read a message from the band and feel free to help them out by purchasing something from their online store. Let the tour continue!

Hey everyone. So, we were robbed last night and our window was smashed in. Bullshit, yes. However, we are definitely going to make every date on this tour. (If nothing worse happens, of course). We have enough gear to continue. Also, enough cash/credit cards for repairs. Most importantly, we have amazing friends, family and fans who are willing to help us out. And for that we are extremely grateful. Thanks for your support and we are stoked to play tonight in Iowa City!

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  • Gav

    seriously, why do bands even play chicago anymore? Too frequently i’m seeing stories of bands getting robbed of everything there