Jitta On The Track Releases “Mollyujah”

jitta on the track

Some may claim drug rap is dead, but Connecticut native Jitta On The Track has just delivered a banger that leads us to believe otherwise.

Blending EDM, hip hop, and straight up radio pop, Jitta On The Track has released a new single unto the world entitled, “Mollyujah.” Yes, like Molly + hallelujah, only with a stronger embrace of drug culture. The song boasts a tasty beat built on an EDM blueprint and sprinkled with elements of street rap. The bass hits hard and the chorus could not be more radio friendly, but I’m not sold on the final results being enough to take Jitta’s career to the next level. You can stream the single and decide for yourself, below.

There is no denying the immense talent possessed by Jitta on The Track, but one does have to wonder how long he’ll cling to the embrace of drug and party culture before expanding his lyrical prowess to something more…real. We’ve heard him deliver verses filled with substance, so why take the easy route now? Comment below and let us know your thoughts on “Mollyujah.”

James Shotwell

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