Girl Writes Letter To Sub Pop Asking Nirvana To Make A Video For Her School


A letter that a Virginia Tech homecoming candidate wrote to Sub Pop (record label) has been making its rounds on the internet today. Apparently she wrote them a letter, asking that Nirvana make a personal video for her school. Might I add that 1. she doesn’t seem to realize Nirvana isn’t a band anymore and 2. Nirvana is not a woman. Sub Pop decided to go ahead and send her a video of them dressed up as Nirvana. Check out the letter, and the video response by taking a look below the jump.

It blows my mind that someone wouldn’t know who these guys are, or at the very least didn’t do any research on them before attempting to reach out. What are your thoughts?

Earlier today in the Sub Pop mailbag, we received an enthusiastic message from a college student running for homecoming queen. She asked for a video affirming support from our one time recording artists, Nirvana, in order to aid her campaign in becoming homecoming queen. We dressed up and obliged.
Video forthcoming with the script: “What’s up Virginia Tech? This is Nirvana! Just wanted to wish you guys a Happy Homecoming Week and good luck at the game this Saturday. LET’S GO HOAGIES!” Or something like that.

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  • Damn shame they’re no longer a band and the lead singer killed himself nearly 20 years ago, because this would’ve been great publicity opportunity. I mean, they were only the most popular band in the world in their prime.

  • Shelly Davis

    It seems like this could have been a form letter that was sent out. Maybe? Her only saving grace for daring to send such stupidity?