Backstreet Boy Nick Carter Wants Your Money To Make A Movie


Nick Carter, of the Backstreet Boys, has started an Indiegogo campaign to raise funds for a horror movie he wants to put out called Evil Blessings.

Before we get to the logistics of the campaign, it’s not like Carter is Chris Kirkpatrick of N’SYNC. He’s had a steady career with his boy band since they started 20 years ago. They aren’t the ultimate chart toppers they once were but they still make a decent living and have a new record dropping on July 30, along with a world tour. He’s worth $35 million, so why does he need fans to donate? Because he knows he can ask and receive.

Teeny boppers, even when grown up, are insanely devoted.  What, $50 for a personal tweet? Guess that’s nothing when you’ve spent over a decade wishing a Backstreet Boy would talk to you. In case you’re wondering, the tweet perk was the first tier of the campaign to sell out. If you’re still underestimating the power a boy band member can still have over fans – one person tossed away donated $6,000 for a role in the film.

The campaign has 43 days left and has already raised over half of its $85,000 goal. Nick Carter said he’ll match whatever the total is by the end to make sure Evil Blessings gets made. Why couldn’t he just fund it all from the start?

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