Enchanting Lana Del Rey Single “Maha Maha” Leaks


While the world impatiently waits for Lana Del Rey to officially announce plans to release a new album, leaks of new material continue this evening with an experimental track entitled, “Maha Maha.”

Hitting the net within hours of Del Rey’s short film announcement, “Maha Maha” is without question the oddest of the recent Lana leaks to hit the net. Coupling instrumentation seemingly inspired by Middle Eastern culture with heavy drums to guide the way, the song builds as Lana explains how she is not like other girls, before coming in full force on the hook. Del Rey seems to be singing in another language at times, but we cannot confirm what language it is (or what she is saying).

As much as it hit the ear as a bit of a shock at first, there is something undeniably enchanting about “Maha Maha” that pulls in even the most distracted ear. Del Rey’s signature croon works well with this new sound, but I’m not sure it’s something fans will want in bulk. Comment below and let us know your thoughts on the new material.

James Shotwell

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    I lovee it