Chance The Rapper Releases “Everybody’s Something” Video

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Chicago native Chance The Rapper is kickstarting excitement for his upcoming Lollapalooza performance this weekend with the release of his official video for “Everybody’s Something.”

Hitting the net shortly after 1pm Eastern time this afternoon, the video for “Everybody’s Something” finds Chance The Rapper performing in front of a green screen with a variety of images and clips being projected over his body. What is projected against in the background rarely matches what is happening in the imagery over Chance, but the way the two elements blend together is rather enthralling. Add to this the already engaging lyricism of Chance, and you have one of the most thought provoking videos of the week so far.

“Everybody’s Something” is one of the softer tracks off Acidrap, the free mixtape Chance The Rapper released earlier this year. If you dig this song, click here and download the entire release.

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