Action Bronson Performs At Retirement Home

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Dammit, Noisey. You have all the best ideas.

Your grandma may have no idea who Action Bronson is, but a dozen or so senior citizens in Toronto recently got an in person introduction to the rapper and his many talents during a surprise retirement home performance.

No, this post is not building up to a joke, though the footage found at the end is rather amusing. For reasons unknown to us other than the simple idea it’s a crazy cool concept, Noisey recently challenge the Harry Fraud collaborator to visit a Toronto area old folks home and perform his single, “Strictly 4 My Jeeps,” for anyone willing to listen. Bronson accepted the challenged, and though he was up against a class on “brass cleaning” discovered an anxious audience awaiting his arrival. You can view the results below.

Action Bronson tends to release at least one new track or video a month, so we have little doubt something new will surface in the near future. Follow UTG on Twitter for all the latest news and updates.

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  • Brian Lion

    I’ve only seen Gosling’s Dead Man’s Bones do this so Action B bringing some raps to the elderly is awesome.