The Weeknd Streams “Love In The Sky”


Canadian crooner The Weeknd has released a stream of a brand new single entitled, “Love In The Sky.”

Taken from his forthcoming album Kiss Land, which is scheduled for release this fall, the latest offering from The Weeknd is heavy on drum-n-bass and emotion. Neither of these are necessarily new elements for the twenty-something heartbreaker, but the seemingly endless variety of ways to present ideas of sexuality and pain is downright jaw-dropping, and “Love In The Sky” is no different. It’s sensual, but laced with a sense of regret that weighs down even the most provocative lines with a sense of guilt that most will welcome with open arms.

In the two-ish years he has been on our radar The Weeknd has repeatedly proven to be the voice of the next generation of urban crooners. His tales of life on the road and the women you meet along the way plays like the greatest modern adventure, and I could not be more excited to see where the next chapter leads. Comment below and let us know your thoughts on “Love In The Sky.”

James Shotwell

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