Gogol Bordello Suing Frontman Eugene Hutz


According to Billboard, long-time Gogol Bordello guitarist Oren Kaplan filed a lawsuit against Eugene Hutz on “behalf of himself and the group’s corporate entity” for the amount of $950,000.

Eugene Hutz is being sued after he “brazenly absconded with approximately half a million dollars from the bank accounts of the Gogol Bordello entities and deposited those funds into the accounts of new companies which are wholly owned by Hutz.” This does not look good for the New York gypsy-rock outfit.

Oren Kaplan also charges Hutz with taking over Gogol Bordello operations without even telling the band. He claims Hutz secretly dealt with Coca-Cola, over a song recording deal, without informing Kaplan. Oren told the press that “Hutz accomplished this ruse by feigning concern for plaintiff (whose mother had just passed away) and encouraging plaintiff to take an extended leave of absence from the group, during the very time when the group would be recording its song for the Coca-Cola commercial.”

We hope that this situation is figured out soon and the band’s gets reimbursed for Eugene Hutz’s delinquency.

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