UTG EXCLUSIVE STREAM: Bear Attack – “Didn’t You?”

bear attack

When you think about someone or something being attacked by a bear, you likely envision gruesome brutality in which unpleasant images stick to the walls of your mind — especially if you’ve seen Grizzly Man. But, have you ever heard the words “bear attack” and felt a sort of relaxing, ethereal, and almost melancholic beauty sweep over you like a warm breeze at the end of a perfect Summer day? After you listen to “Didn’t You?” from LA’s very own Bear Attack, you just might.

This brand new single from the Southern California five-piece is sure to wow fans of indie folk acts such as Bon Iver and City And Colour. Between the arresting dual vocals and hypnotic instrumentation, “Didn’t You?” oozes gorgeous melodies in a deep slow-burn throughout its nearly 6-minute runtime.

We’re beyond excited to have the opportunity to partner up with these talented artists to premiere their new single right here on UTG. This band deserves your attention and if “Didn’t You?” and their previous single, “Lucidity,” are any indication of what’s to come, we’ll be clearing spots in our “best of” lists at the end of the year for Bear Attack.

After the jump you can stream the band’s killer new single and read a statement from them regarding the song. Enjoy!

It’s the 2nd of 3 singles we’re putting out this summer (first one was called “Lucidity” and was released about a month ago). The song revolves around a bass line played by Nick Campbell and is one of the more “duet-ish” songs from the band. It follows a story-arc about a couple in love that faces its end due to a miscommunication…and then each lover is too proud or too immature to be the first to apologize/make contact again. It kind of ends with everyone wondering what happens between the couple because they’re clearly still in love. At least that’s our interpretation of it. We recorded it with Keith Armstrong, who engineered and mixed all three of our singles this summer. The song usually ends with an extended bass solo when we perform it live, but since that would make the recording at least 7 minutes long, we used a truncated version (again…by the amazing Nick Campbell). How many bands nowadays have a bass solo as part of their repertoire? That’s what we thought. And it usually gets the loudest applause during our set. Pretty sweet.

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