The First Trailer For ‘Thor: The Dark World’ Has Arrived

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Stop whatever you’re doing right now that does not involve looking at your website and allow yourself three minutes to become completely lost in the Marvel universe.

Keeping their Geek Week events going strong, YouTube has rolled out the full trailer for this November’s comic book epic, Thor: The Dark World. The film is the second post-Avengers tale to surface from Marvel, and just like May’s Iron Man 3 drives home the point the world is no longer the place it was before the events in New York last Spring.

Kicking off with the return of Loki, our first look at The Dark World is a cavalcade of familiar faces, beautiful CGI, and all the destruction porn your fanboy heart could desire. Though we cannot be certain from this footage, it appears Thor and his often villainous brother will have to work together in order to save not only our planet, but perhaps their own as well.

Thor: The Dark World opens November 8. If this is the only trailer they release before then I will be perfectly happy, but we all know that is probably not the case. Stay tuned for more info on Thor’s latest adventure in the weeks ahead.

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