STREAM/WATCH: Active Child – “She Cut Me”

active child

One of our favorite alternative R&B crooners, Pat Grossi, aka Active Child, recently announced his upcoming EP, R A P O R. It should go without saying that we’re very excited for this release. Today, Grossi is streaming the first track from the effort, entitled “She Cut Me.”

Doing away with traditional vocals for the most part, this brief cut features excellent whimsical production and chopped tribal-like vocal melodies in Grossi’s smooth signature style. The accompanying visuals use selected scenes from Kenneth Anger’s Lucifer Rising which surprisingly fit very well.

R A P O R drops in October and we’ll have a review of the release around that time. You can view the visuals and stream the excellent “She Cut Me” after the jump as well as one of our favorite past videos from Active Child.

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