Lostprophets’ Ian Watkins Is On Suicide Watch


On November 25, Lostprophets frontman will be on trial for many sexual offenses (24, though one involves possessing indecent photographs of an animal); two of those are the infamous charges of raping a baby. Unsurprisingly, the vocalist has been placed on suicide watch, according to a pretrial hearing that happened yesterday.

According to his defense barrister (read: lawyer), “[Ian] has been seen by a clinical psychologist and she believes he should be receiving anti-psychotic medication… She wants him to be taken to a secure hospital for assessment and treatment… He is on suicide watch five times an hour.

Watkins has denied all charges, though not all of his co-defendants have. One, a 24 year old, has denied all the charges, but another, a 20 year old, admitted to sexual touching of a child and distributing images of said touching. Both of the co-defendants are women. All three will remain jailed until, at the earliest, a hearing on October 14.

For those wondering what the rest of the Lostprophets are doing, no one has said a word since the band posted a message back in March. The message went as follows: “Following charges made today against Ian Watkins, we find ourselves in a state of shock. We are learning about the details of the investigation along with you. It is a difficult time for us and our families, and we want to thank our fans for their support as we seek answers. Jamie, Lee, Luke, Mike and Stu.

Let’s pray the trial resolves quickly and justifiably. We hope the victims are doing as well as they could be.

Dan Bogosian

I finished school with a music theory degree. Before I finished school, I was a janitor. You really should apologize to all the janitors you've ever had. You hurt them. Seriously. You did.

But, now that we've cleared that up and you called your high school janitor, know that I quit being a janitor to pursue writing about music. So here I am, and here you are, and hey how are you?
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