Kevin Devine Launches Pre-Orders For Both LPs

Kevin Devine

Kevin Devine is poised to release his two full length albums that were crowdfunded by fans not that long ago. The albums are titled Bulldozer and Bubblegum. Earlier today, he announced that a number of different pre-order bundles have been launched for both albums. US/Canadian fans can pre-order copies here, and European/UK fans can access their pre-order bundles by heading right here.

If you’re interested in checking out the tracklist for each album, you can take a look at that by checking below the jump. Bulldozer features 10 tracks, while Bubblegum features 12.

01. Now Navigate
02. Little Bulldozer
03. From Here
04. Couldn’t Be Happier
05. You Brushed
06. The Worm In Every
07. Matter Of Time
08. She Can See ME
09. For Eugene
10. Safe

01. Nobel Prize
02. Private First Class
03. Fiscal Cliff
04. I Can’t Believe You
05. Red Bird
06. Bloodhound
07. Bubblegum
08. Sick Of Worlds
09. Capybara
10. She Can See Me
11. Somewhere Unoccupied
12. I Don’t Care About Your Band

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  • Brian Lion

    Yeah, sorry, Kevin, but as much as I want ‘Bulldozer’ on vinyl, I’m not gonna pay $30 + $12 shipping for one album. Shame.