Breakdowns Can’t Hold Us: Palisades Cover Macklemore & Ryan Lewis


Rise RecordsPalisades have released a cover of Macklemore and Ryan Lewis‘ current smash hit, “Can’t Hold Us.”

Hitting the net over the week, Palisades’ take on “Can’t Hold Us” shows a surprising amount of restraint for an essentially post-hardcore take on mainstream radio hit. There are still chugs aplenty, but the sense of melody and fun has not been lost or exchanged for attempts at br00t@lity, and it’s in finding that balance that Palisades have made a name for themselves in the alternative music scene. You can stream the track below.

For a hip hop cover in this genre, you could do a lot worse than what Palisades are currently offering. If you like what you hear, be sure to stop by their Facebook and discover their original works as well. You will be hearing a lot about this band in the years to come, so you might as well get familiar now.

James Shotwell

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