Chiodos’ Thomas Erak Comments On Touché Amoré’s Warped Tour Discussion

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To add to the list of people commenting on what Jeremy Bolm of Touché Amoré had to say about his band never playing Warped Tour, we have a statement made by Thomas Erak. He’s currently in Chiodos, and used to be in The Fall Of Troy. He (Thomas) basically congratulates Jeremy on taking a stance in what he believes in, and agrees that the tour is “95% trash.” You can read all of what he had to say by taking a look below the jump.

If you would like to read what Jeremy Bolm had to say, you can head right here.

After just doing this tour I agree that 95% is trash, and I think that the seniority is kinda bullshit. Bands that are “vets” get treated a lot better than smaller bands on the tour. There’s ups and downs to both. The routing is also ridiculous, even in a bus. I commend all the troopers that do even 10 days in a van, much less the WHOLE TOUR. My heart goes out to em. I don’t disagree with your comments at all Jeremy, anyone is entitled to feel how they feel and stand up for themselves (and/or their band/music) good for you for voicing your thoughts on this subject as I’ve been on both sides of this debate since the early TFoT days, and still am after doing the whole tour with Chiodos! Cheers bud.

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