J.J. Abrams and Bad Robot Release Mysterious ‘Stranger’ Teaser Trailer

bad robot

Mystery always surrounds J.J. Abrams and his production company Bad Robot. All of their films, no matter if you enjoy them or not, find a way to draw you in and get you excited. Today, Bad Robot uploaded a video to their YouTube channel titled “Stranger,” that tells no plot, but instead gives us a mysterious first look at an unidentified man coming out of the ocean.

Now, it’s hard to say what this could actually be. It could be a new movie, such as a The Crow remake (which a lot of people think it could be). Hell, it could even be a new TV series, considering Bad Robot bought the rights to Twilight Zone creator Rod Sterling’s last script that he wrote before he died, The Stops Along the Way. Regardless of what this teaser will actually turn out to be, one thing is for certain: J.J. Abrams and the Bad Robot company know how to get everyone into a tizzy. I’m already excited to meet this Stranger.

Check the teaser after the break and let us know what you think of it!

Tyler Osborne

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