See the Old Spice Guy Play Major Lazer in “Scare Me” Video

Major Lazer 2013

Normally fictional characters and cartoons are drawn off of someone who already exists. Electronic DJ Major Lazer‘s  jacked up, gun-weilding, beret-wearing cartoon self, however, is seeing reverse treatment. In a mini-movie for Scare the Universe’s “Scare Me,” Major Lazer becomes human as Terry Crews, the guy from those Old Spice commercials and The Expendables, takes on his role. How has no one thought of this before? It makes total sense.

In the video, Crews dons the cap, guns, and outfit of the character alongside Nick Kroll as Lazer’s boss and Workaholics‘ Blake Anderson as a biker. The video is beyond action-packed, stuffed with assassin cheerleaders, zombies, vampires, laser cannons, and one pretty epic boss fight. Watch it below:

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