ALBUM STREAM: The Dodos – ‘Carrier’


San Francisco, California has always had a lot to offer in the way of music. Both The Beatles and The Band played their last concerts there and it’s been the home and headquarters of a myriad of acts including The Grateful Dead, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Huey Lewis and the News, Journey, Primus, Third Eye Blind, and new favorites, Deafheaven.

Another band that calls San Francisco home is indie folk group, The Dodos, and they deserve to be added to a list of its notable residents. They have four previous full-lengths under their belt with their fifth set to release next week on August 27 via Polyvinyl Records. That album is Carrier and it’s streaming in full today over at Pitchfork via their beautiful Advance feature. We recently had the opportunity to listen through the album (several times) and highly suggest you take advantage of this chance to do the same, a full week before its release no less.

The album was influenced by the tragic and untimely death of the band’s guitarist, Christopher Reimer, also of other San Francisco band, Women.

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