I Think I’m In Love: UTG Cannot Get Enough Of Dresses


No matter how old you get or how many albums you experience, nothing can ever replace the feeling you get when you know a song is bound to be a hit. It’s like a lightning storm in your brain firing in perfect time with the music (only seconds after it has begun to play), as if part of your mind had been waiting your entire life for that song to reach your ears. As it plays your body syncs to the rhythm while the melody sparks your imagination, and before you know the worries of everyday life have been tossed to the wayside. Such songs do not come along every day, or even every month, but this morning we’re going to share one such track that we’re confident will lift your spirits for weeks to come.

Hailing from the land of Oregon, Dresses is an indie pop duo who came onto our radar over the summer. Their sound brings to mind the spirit of your favorite John Hughes movie, with a twist of modernism and a just a dash of top 40 songwriting sensibilities. Our friends at SideOneDummy signed them to a new recording contract earlier this month, and on September 3 their debut release, Sun Shy, arrives across a variety of digital retailers. The lead single and title track from that release was the inspiration for this post, and at the end of this article you can view the song’s official video.

We don’t remember the day we first heard Dresses, but we certainly remember the rush of excitement we felt when “Sun Shy” began to play. The melody grabs you within seconds, just like the lyrics, and by the time the full band comes in you’re already consumed in fandom for everything the group has to offer. It’s lighthearted and fun without resorting to repetitive lyricism or EDM breaks, and serves as a perfect sampler for everything music fans will find on their upcoming EP. We’ll write more about that later, but know that if this song grabs you the full release will have you ready to give Dresses your hand in marriage.

Being an indie pop group that will likely be marketed to young females and twenty-something hipsters, Dresses mark another step in the evolution of SideOneDummy, which has been known for many years as a cornerstone in the alternative community. To see them put so much faith into a project that doesn’t necessarily fit their typical brand of punk-laden entertainment says a lot more than our constant ramblings ever could. We are not going to say that Dresses are the future of the scene because we honestly do not think that is the case, but we do find it hard to believe anyone could experience “Sun Shy” and not walk away an instant fan of the band and their sound. It’s just familiar enough to fit in with what’s currently dominating alt-pop charts, but unique enough to stand out from the competition, and we hope you’ll help us in pushing them to the level of recognition they deserve.

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