Hayley Williams Comments On Miley Cyrus’ Performance At The VMAs


Out of all the performances from this past Sunday’s nationwide airing of the MTV Video Music Awards, none has undoubtedly sparked as much controversy and debate as Miley Cyrus’ very adult rendition of Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines.” In only three short days a number of musicians and celebrities have already spoken out against the former Disney star’s frolics, and today, Paramore vocalist Hayley Williams can also be added to that list.

In a recent interview with 98.7 Amp Radio, Williams described Cyrus’, shall we say, “unpredictable” behavior, as “part of growing up,” but acknowledged that fact that it may be time for the young up-and-comer to tone it down some, citing a very unnerving racial aspect of the performance that she felt had been overlooked by much of the mainstream media.

“It seems like more people are focusing on the trashy-ness or the dancing, or the clothes, but I’m actually uncomfortable with the racial aspect of it,” said Williams. “I feel like she’s sort of taking a culture that isn’t really hers and sort of using it as an accessory, and that actually bothers me more.”

When pressed by interviewers, Williams went on to clarify: “I’m not going to be the artist throwing [around] accusations that other artists are racist, but I do think it’s a little insensitive.”

Despite this wave of backlash, it would seem that Cyrus herself is the only individual who has yet to comment on the performance, which you can (unfortunately) watch in its entirety, below, along with Williams full interview.

Do you agree with Hayley? Did Miley go too far, or do you still think that the ex-Disney princess can turn it around? Comment and let UTG know!


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  • Brian Lion

    I really don’t see it as a racial thing any more than it is just a trashy performance that makes her look like a fool. She’s a terrible role model and looking like an idiot doesn’t make your music any better. Focusing on this as a racial offense would lead to many others in entertainment being under similar scrutiny.