Cloudkicker Reveals ‘Subsume’ Details


We always keep our eyes and ears out for what Ben Sharp has in the works. Cloudkicker is a phenomenal solo project spanning progressive, instrumental metal and ambience and the man is yet to disappoint.

We’ve been waiting impatiently to find out what Sharp had in store for us, knowing he had plans to drop something new in the latter half of the year and we now have details on the new Cloudkicker album which releases September 14. The effort is called Subsume and features 5 tracks (digitally, 4 on physical copies) with lengthy titles that read like excerpts from a beautiful yet melancholic poem. The fifth track is a reworked version of the album’s opener, “The warmth of the daytime seemed like a dream now.” which was provided by Sharp’s brother, known as t16.

You can pre-order the digital copy now but two beautiful vinyl variants will be available to order shortly after the release date. I have my eye on that limited teal burst.

You can read all the details about Subsume directly from Ben on his blog, which also contains pics of the expected vinyl copies, and stream his brother’s remix right here after the jump.

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