MUSIC VIDEO: Hodgy Beats ft. Left Brain – “Karateman”


Odd Future‘s own Hodgy Beats has just released the music video for “Karateman,” the single featuring his MellowHype partner Left Brain. The video takes place at a late night party. That means beautiful women, alcohol, and the real part of any good party: the rest of the Odd Future gang. Thanks to some panning shots and creative lighting, it’s more entertaining than it sounds. Watch it after the jump.

“Karateman” is off his latest solo project, Untitled 2. We’ve already seen a music video for “Alone,” and it seems the video for “Karateman” is just as filling. Leave your thoughts on the new video below. In the meantime, get ready for the MellowHigh album release on October 31 (aka Hodgy Beats, Left Brain, and Domo Genesis); soon there will be enough OFWGKTA material to last a lifetime.

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