Our Last Night Launched $15,000 Indiegogo Campaign For Two EPs

Our Last Night

With artists and musicians alike having such a high success rate with crowd funding, it’s no surprise to see more and more bands jump on and go DIY. According to Our Last Night, they have reached their record agreement with Epitaph, so they’ve decided to release two EPs on their own, with the help of their fans. Yesterday, they launched a $15,000 Indigogo campaign to fund the two EPs, which will be released together.

One EP will feature brand new songs, and the second one will be an acoustic release, featuring those same songs. The band hopes to have the EPs released in early November, and you can see additional details on the campaign by checking below the jump. If you are interested in contributing, then be sure to head on over to their Indiegogo page.


We are so thankful to have released 3 full length records in the past 6 years while touring the world. We recently fulfilled our record contract and have decided to release our next project DIY. Normally expenses such as studio time, recording equipment, marketing, music videos, etc are fronted by a label. Since we are now on our own, we are calling to our fans to help fund our new record by purchasing some really unique pre-sale packages and spreading the word of our Indiegogo campaign!

The Plan:

We will deliver a dynamic dual EP release. One EP will be done in our original high energy style while the second will be acoustic. Each EP will have the same songs but done in different styles. Our DIY marketing campaign will be mainly focused through YouTube, so our goal is to eventually release a video for every song on both EPs.

We are setting a tentative release date for November 5th! This is only 2 months out so the most exciting thing about this campaign is that you will see instant results from your generous contributions. We could be releasing new material as soon as one month from the beginning of this campaign! Luckily, we will be receiving contributions as they come in so we will be able to start this project right away.

Our campaign is set up as a flex-funding campaign meaning we will receive your contributions whether or not we reach our goal. If we do not reach our goal we will adjust our budget and proceed accordingly. We guarantee the highest possible product no matter what but the opportunity to work with the best equipment only becomes possible by reaching our goal. So lets make it happen!


We believe the music industry is flipped upside down and crowd-funding is a tool that gives power back to artists who want to continue making music but don’t want to sign their lives away to a record label. We could not be more excited to interact directly with our supporters in a more unique and personal way than we ever have before.

Other ways you can help:

No money? No problems! Whether or not you contribute financially, we need you on our guerilla marketing team. Tell your friends, tell your parents, tell your friends parents……join our army of guerilla marketers and help spread the word by sharing our campaign on facebook, twitter, instagram and every other social network you can think of! Help us by spreading the word and telling everyone you think would be interested in our campaign! We will have special prizes for those of you who get our campaign into the right hands! By creating awareness you directly help us reach our goal.

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