Stream the New 13-Minute Blue Sky Black Death Epic, “III” Ft. Lotte Kestner


Blue Sky Black Death may sound like a moniker belonging to a black metal or stoner rock band but it in fact represents an ambient hip-hop production duo consisting of Kingston and Young God who have consistently released chill, ethereal, sample-infused bangers between three full-lengths and several other releases.

The two are currently set to release their fourth album, Glaciers, which drops October 1 via Fake Four. They recently began streaming the second track from the effort, aptly titled “II,” which I couldn’t stop listening to until just last night when they began streaming its successor, the cleverly titled “III,” over on Wired. After listening to the 25 minutes shared between these two tracks enough to keep me from doing anything else, I can tell you that this is one of my most anticipated releases of 2013’s fourth quarter.

Among the INSANE 240-ish layers this track contains, the duo managed to slow down a Justin Bieber sample 800% to add to its sprawling beauty. This isn’t the first time Bieber got the slow-motion treatment, but it seems to be the first in a hip-hop format. Believe it or not, BSBD created this whole 13-and-a-half-minute piece with Sonic Foundry’s Acid 2.0, a software that came out in 1999. The duo explains, “We have interest in learning and trying new programs, but it’s also a little bit frightening to stop using something that has always worked for you in the past.” Why do you think I just used my last AOL 1,000 free minutes disk to get on and write this after transcribing an interview from my Talkboy Tape Recorder?

You can stream Blue Sky Black Death’s incredible new track after the jump and keep an eye out for release details; we’ve been told that Glaciers will be getting a wax release, much like their last album, Noir.

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