Tyler, The Creator Shares Trailer For New Film ‘Wolf’

Tyler+the+Creator 2013

Odd Future ringleader Tyler, The Creator has released a short trailer for an upcoming film he has created entitled, Wolf.

Released over the last day with little promotion in advance, the trailer for Wolf is about as vague as promotional trailers can be. Tyler is heard asking for a cigarette, which he then lights and proceeds to choke on, before informing his friends they can go ahead and kill someone. The scene cuts to a wide angle shot to reveal Tyler is on the side of an empty stretch of road watching two friends beat someone who is lying on the ground. Little else happens, but the film’s release is teased as ‘coming soon.’

The description accompanying the trailer on YouTube notes that Tyler’s recent album, which also happens to be named Wolf, will serve as the soundtrack to the film. Whether or not the storyline will match the tale outlined by Noisey earlier this year remains to be seen, but something tells us whatver gets released will be just as controversial, if not more, than everything that OFWGKTA have released thus far.

As we mentioned above there is currently no release date for Wolf. I imagine it will hit the net sometime this fall, but for now all we have is the clip at the end of this post. Follow UTG on Twitter for updates and we’ll be sure to provide more information on Wolf as it becomes available.

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