UTG PHOTOS: FUN. (9/04/2013)

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Under The Gun recently sent photographer, Ryan Tuttle, to photograph Fun. in Los Angeles on September 4, 2013.

On September 4th, Fun. played the last of their two sold out shows at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles, CA.

Indie rock duo, Tegan and Sara, opened the show and got the crowd hyped and ready for the night. They have the kind of quirky energy together on stage that only sisters can share, and it is so fun to witness their banter on stage. At one point in the set, Tegan complimented Sara on how good her hair looked on the jumbotron and later admitted that it was hard not to look at herself on the big screen while she was singing. Before jumping into “Alligator,” Tegan explained to the audience how nervous she still gets during her “shaker solo” and asked the crowd to cheer as loud as possible during the solo no matter how ridiculous she may look. Don’t worry, Tegan, you totally rocked that shaker solo. They are a charming duo and without a doubt have gained quite a few more fans on this tour.

At last, Fun. took the stage with a barbershop quartet-like rendition of “Some Nights (Intro),” complete with tuxedos and all. The stage went dark as the band quietly disappeared off stage to change into more comfortable attire, but only a few seconds passed before the band jumped right into “One Foot,” one of my favorites off of their 2012 album, Some Nights. Apparently, the audience on Tuesday night did not live up to the band’s expectations and very early on in the set said that this crowd was already better than last night’s. “I need you to sing much, much louder than last night. It shouldn’t be very hard, I swear.” said lead singer, Nate Ruess. The fans didn’t disappoint on this night, singing along not only to the hits, but to tracks off of the band’s lesser-known first album, Aim and Ignite.

The band may experiment quite a bit with auto-tune on Some Nights, but make no mistake, Ruess certainly doesn’t need it to make an impression. Not only does he have a seemingly unlimited range, but he can hold a note with more power than anything the entirety of the crowd at the Greek could muster. During one of their “sing and repeat” sessions, Ruess couldn’t help but laugh at our weak attempt to imitate him.

All in all, the night was an absolute blast. It was refreshing to witness Ruess’ enthusiasm over performing to a sold out crowd in his new hometown of Los Angeles, considering the massive amount of success they have had over the course of this past year. The band was positively elated over the continued support of the fans who have helped them get to where they are today. I have a newfound appreciation for this band and I hope people take the opportunity to see them live if the have the chance. Check out photos from this show below!




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