STREAM: St. Lucia – “Too Close”

St. Lucia

X’s are filling up my calendar this September as I await St. Lucia‘s debut full length, coming October 8.

I fell in love with the Brooklyn synth-pop group when I decided that 10 bucks a month for Rdio’s services was a pretty good deal. I synced a bunch of stuff I was recommended and some things the robots on Rdio thought were similar and I enjoyed an iPhone 4S-full of new music on a beach in Georgia.

I miss vacation…

Alas, St. Lucia was one of those new finds that washed through my queue as the water washed around my beach chair. They had 1 EP out at the time with a handful of singles, one of them being “Elevate.” I later found that a full length was on its way. “That’s pretty cool,” I thought.

Before Neon Gold/Columbia puts out When The Night, I wanted to introduce you to the band. Here’s a new song. It’s called “Too Close.”

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