Sylvester Stallone Steps Into The Ring Against Robert De Niro In First ‘Grudge Match’ Trailer


Sylvester Stallone has made a big comeback in the world of cinema over the last couple years by returning to beloved roles in between one-off action tales, but I’m not sure anyone expected the following collaboration to hit screens. Especially not in the ring.

Decades after they each rose to prominence through now classic boxing films, Sylvester Stallone and Robert De Niro are putting on the gloves once more for an upcoming comedy fittingly titled, Grudge Match. The film finds the aging superstars playing retired boxers who never got a chance to settle their bitter rivalry. Years pass without contact and eventually the two connect once more, by chance, during the development process of a new video game. Sparks fly, people grab their phones, and before they know it our two main characters are headline names once more. The interest leads them to announce one final fight, and a number of sports-related hijinks soon ensue.

Grudge Match feels familiar in that it’s a story about old people proving they still have a place in society, but the angle the story takes is truly original. Will it be predictable? Probably. But that doesn’t necessarily mean it won’t be fun. You can view the first trailer below.

The top billed stars are great and all, but this film wouldn’t have me nearly as excited without its stellar supporting cast. Where else can you find Alan Arkin, Kevin Hart, and Joey ‘Coco’ Diaz in the same film? I can only begin to imagine what kind of one-liners they’ll all deliver.

Grudge Match opens Christmas day (December 25). Comment below and let us know your thoughts on the trailer.

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  • HaulixJames

    The ‘Rocky’ joke felt a bit too on the nose, but otherwise I think this looks fun. Not great, but fun.


    WHY is DeNiro wasting time
    on such routine drivel as this?


    As he ages he’s looking ever more
    like STALIN.

    With a full blown police state unfolding
    —he should play STALIN.

    Scorsese should shake off his two decades
    of rut, and direct.

    NOTHING either of them ever did
    ————————is as awesomely relevant
    ———————————to what’s REALLY going down.