Haken Use Puppets For “Cockroach King” Video, Metal Fans Can’t Stop Smiling


After watching this video four times in the past 25 minutes I can safely say that it’s one of the best music videos released in quite awhile, especially in the metal genre.

London’s progressive metal outfit, Haken, just unveiled the visuals for their single, “Cockroach King,” featured on their newest album, The Mountain, which just dropped a couple weeks ago via InsideOutMusic. Wisely choosing one of the album’s most unique and impressive tracks, the band took their self-proclaimed “Djentle Djiant” sound and used puppets in their likenesses to accompany the six-minute track in what resulted in a very “Queen meets The Muppets” motif. Yes, it’s as impressive and awesome as that sounds.

Haken explains, “It’s a tribute to a more innocent time before our TVs were dominated by computer animation and hi-definition – a time when things were hand-made, wholesome and fun for the whole family!” A guaranteed recipe for happiness is what that is.

Experience the video for “Cockroach King” after the jump and make sure to show your friends. Pretty much anyone should be able to enjoy this, unless they just hate life and themselves and anything good.

Brian Leak

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